Finally, I cut my hair short today. It cost me RM9. Hopefully the hair fall could be reduced. The herbs are on their way. This time around, B ordered 2 bottles. Just wait and see......

Doogie Howser is a gay? I'm so dumbfounded. It's sad to know how people can simply mess up their life.

The much awaited birthday trip wasn't as enjoyable as I thought. No size available, to comfortably fit my two desperate feet. Why is it so depressing to be a size 7?

In order to be happy one needs to feel good about himself or herself. This kind of feeling is certainly not achieved every day for there is always obstacles that derail us from the right path. Hence, I can consider myself pretty lucky as starting from the past few weeks I have been feeling extra good about myself at work. The spark of enthusiasm is always there to conquer the audience, to fill the inquisitive eyes that look upon me with knowledge. My hope is that this spark of strong determination and spirit of imparting knowledge will always be there, not torn apart by the bureaucracy and dirty politicking that govern the working environment.

Aduh...boleh bengong aku macam ni

This MesP thing is really killing me. I waited to enter the system last night and what did you know, it was jammed pack I guess as I kept getting the 'loading problem' messages. I decided to wait till the wee hours of the morning to do the task and guess what...I overslept..huh overslept to describe of what is actually a deprived sleep. Woke up just now at 7a.m and am on the task of keying the pin number for all but then the system is going nuts again, unable to save some of the data. I feel like kicking and punching WHO?

Happy Birthday to me..Happy Birthday to me..Happy Birthday to asmymindrambles..Happy birthday to me...Finally I'm here, stopping for a while, gasping for air, admiring the great number of 3 and 9. Thank you God, for allowing me to be here, though temporary. I wish to make some changes starting from yesterday. I volunteered doing something that I never thought I dare to do before - teaching something that is not in my league. I painted the kitchen banana yellow. I am gonna to throw away mom's 12 year old plates and bowls, replacing them with the colourful funky ones - tomorrow's Jusco and Ikea shopping spree. It's time to throw out the old and bring in some new things in life.